We have been working in the field of design for over 25 years. As society evolves, so does our practice. We have an ethical responsibility to help. How can designers position themselves in the face of numerous social challenges? How can we help our fellow man and do good?

This professional commitment goes hand in hand with service design. A more humane practice that aligns the social values that are embedded in us.

At Pollinis, we are driven by curiosity and a sincere desire to help you improve people’s lives.

We really want organizations to put human needs at the heart of their decisions.

Take the time to know us. We are humans who listen to you!

We want, in our own way, to shape the world of tomorrow. It takes time to make a change. Let’s take it step by step. We will guide you.

Sylvain Duchesne
Sylvain is focused on others. It naturally helps to promote the accomplishment and success of one’s fellow man. Moreover, it is driven by the designer’s sense of duty. He uses his practice as a vector of collective change. Indeed, his social involvement allows him to help others towards a better future. At the same time, he likes to question and challenge the status quo to advance society’s causes.
Always positive, he uses his energy to turn obstacles and challenges into opportunities for improvement.
Anaïs Kowalczyk
Service designer
Anaïs is a person who focuses her energy to take care of people as well as their environments. This is achieved by her ability to sense vulnerabilities and transform them into positive action. Highly empathetic, she uses her concern to help contribute to a more harmonious world.
She is an advocate for design creating a positive impact in shifting the staid paradigms of our time.
Finally, her conviction is centred on high level thinking and its ability to improve the collective well being of societies.

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Pollinis is a service design agency.
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