Pollinis helps you to develop your user reflex.

Human needs are constantly evolving according to the context and environment of use. Your services must adapt to them and their realities.

Think of your services as an origami. Starting from an existing origami, we deploy it in order to deconstruct it and analyze it from another angle. We then redesign it differently, taking into account new, well-defined user needs. Once rebuilt, your services are transformed by the human-centered approach.

We can help you in different ways by :

A collaboration between our teams.

A contribution to a major project by supporting the global vision.

Facilitation with collective intelligence in order to catalyze thinking towards openness to change.

A personalized program to help you appropriate our tools and give you the means to act autonomously internally.

A one-time coaching type of support.

A design sprint to quickly test new ideas.

Pollinis moves forward with you by instilling clarity, confidence and optimism. Your desired outcomes are more likely to succeed because your team, your audience and your users are invested in the change with you.

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Pollinis is a service design agency.
We help you develop your user reflex so that
the services you offer meet real needs.

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