Why ?

Service design is the process of designing a human-centered service so that it meets a well-defined need more adequately and sustainably and produces a measurable benefit to the community.

What’s it all about

Our process is collaborative and we guide you through it. We help you and your users to find solutions together.
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Listening phase

The listening phase reveals user’s needs while identifying opportunities for improvement. First, let’s start by listening to the executives and employees who are at the heart of your organization’s services. Subsequently, we will establish the current needs together. We will then conduct qualitative research on your users, supplemented by quantitative research if necessary, in order to create a portrait of your target groups and their points of contact with you and your services. We will analyze and illustrate all customer perspectives, allowing us to provide you with valuable and usable information.
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Definition phase

In collaboration with you and your team, we will define a precise problem resulting from the analysis and understanding of your project. This specific framing, in relation to the listening phase, is necessary. Indeed, it is necessary to work on a real problem while taking into account the needs of your users.
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Ideation and design phase

We help you to imagine better services in relation to the established problem. We define service transformation opportunities and focus on what is best for you and your users. Some of the best ideas will be conceptualized and illustrated using idea maps, storyboards and concept descriptions.
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Prototype and test phase

We strive to design and prototype a service that not only works for your users, but is also realistic and sustainable for you. We constantly collaborate with your team in order to implement the ideas developed and validate them. You have to take action and not be afraid to adjust along the way. The design process is an iterative process!
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Implementation and evaluation phase

Finally, we help you implement and expand the service. Your users will use this new service and your organization is able to mobilize to make this new solution sustainable. Future adjustments will always be possible, we work with the human being, don’t forget that! We will be there to help you adjust.

Our tools

Design thinking
Customer journey mapping
Service Plan
Scenario of use
Codesign workshop
Qualitative interviews

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Pollinis is a service design agency.
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