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What are some inspiring family support initiatives ?


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Qualitative interviews
Analysis and report


This report of initiatives is a reflection tool bridging the first phase of listening and the definition phase of the Chantier répit. Based on interviews with experts, we looked at initiatives to support and accompany people who are not self-sufficient.


Based on interviews with experts, we were interested in support and accompaniment initiatives for people who are not self-sufficient in Quebec and elsewhere in the world. This method has the advantage of providing us with information on the context of the approach, its initial motivation, its evolution and, when possible, its impact.
We addressed the major needs and concerns of the families and the resources highlighted during the first phase.


With the aim of deconstructing and branching out the problem of respite, this report is structured in 4 axes echoing the major needs of families. Through all these initiatives, we observe that the experience and vision of respite could be considered in a more global and less operational way, notably by :
• Accompanying the family beyond the period or time of respite, a necessity for parents to recharge their batteries.
• Merging different sources of support that would have the capacity to meet all human needs (Maslow’s pyramid).
• Encouraging the creation of a guarantor of the respite experience.
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