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What are the respite needs in Quebec ?


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Qualitative interviews
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Couverture du projet Chantier Répit phase 1.
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We have have received the mandate to review the current situation of respite services in Quebec. In order to understand the problems as observed by families and professionals in this domain, we performed an exhaustive study centered on a design process that would identify unmet needs, as well as unresolved issues so as to help design solutions that could be implemented. The research also focused on highlighting good practices as observed currently being implemented.


For the purposes of this qualitative study, we conducted 40 semi-directed interviews, with 21 parents of one or more disabled children as well as with 19 employees or resource managers. Lasting an average of one hour, this invaluable interaction allowed us to understand their personal perception the present status of respite services provided in Quebec.
The process included building an interviewing environment where the proponents were cited to express what was important to them. Starting with their experiences, a nurturing approach was provided so as to allow the proponents to project themselves into a more ideal construct, thus identifying solution sets and numerous opportunities to bring positive change.
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Today, Quebec’s respite system is a maze that is difficult to navigate. This report concludes the information gathering phase of the vast “Chantier Répit” project implemented by Solidarité de Parents de Personnes Handicapées. The report highlights the observations and sentiments of people who involved with this network covering:
• their definition of respite giving system
• their aspirations
• parents hopes and desires
• difficulties encountered by parents in sourcing service providers
• the difficulties respite care givers have in responding to parents requests
Download the report (french version)

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