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What problematic should the Chantier Répit address ?


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This project follows the research phase and the identification of inspiring initiatives. We are at the stage ofthe definition phase which leads to the formulation of a specific problem (the why). This is the opportunity from which we will co-create our solution later (the how).
What should the respite formula be in 2020 ?
What ingredients should it contain in order to be strategically future-oriented ?


We have undertaken a collaborative process with respite resources and families. Through 4 participatory workshops conducted online, we wanted to specify and clarify where the respite community would like to improve services to better meet parents’ needs.
Our guideline is to think differently about respite. We started with the 8 opportunities for improvement that resulted from the previous phases. We questioned them, reworked them in order to formulate the specific problem of the Chantier Répit.

for collaboration

The opportunities


For respite services to be adequate and available to families, three major spheres should evolve together :
1) collaboration between well-defined roles
2) a tool to gather data from the community
3) a scalable structure adjusted to the size of the resources and the respite system.
Here are the essential ingredients of the respite system and the influence that the elements have on each other (french version).
Download the diagram(french version)
The community of actors mobilized has a clear vision of the essential experience of respite to reinvent in Quebec. For the coming years, it will develop a strategy and a concrete game plan for better access to respite while supporting the spread of this vision.
This diagram shows the different steps of the process to be implemented in order to meet the intentions of the specific problem.
Download the journey(french version)

The specific problematics of the Chantier Répit

How might we equitably transform the experience of welcoming and supporting families allowing for the referral and connection of families to the resources of a user-centered community ?

Visual tool to summarize the work of the Chantier Répit (french version)

Download the visual tool (french version)

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