Developing your user reflex starts with finding out what your users want rather than choosing the services you want to offer them. It means focusing on unmet needs and challenges rather than on the methods you use to meet them.

We support public, social and private organizations to have a positive and transformative impact on society.

Pollinis helps you to become aware of your users. To know them better. We will create together triggers that will have a real impact on your organization and the services you offer.

Let’s put people at the heart of your services.

Our goal is to improve people’s lives through inclusion, equality, education and health.

We create the best possible experience for a unique person in a given situation.

And we do this with empathy.

Let’s imagine tomorrow, today.

Pollinis has the ability to adopt an intelligent, efficient and innovative approach to help you find concrete solutions to human problems.

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“Pollinis actions are marked by great empathy when it comes to understanding the reality of the users.
The respite care project, worked with Pollinis, is a project which requires a great open-mindedness, agility and audacity from its collaborators. It is a real pleasure to find all these qualities at Pollinis.”

Develop the user reflex through
service design

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About us
Pollinis is a service design agency.
We help you develop your user reflex so that
the services you offer meet real needs.

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