In this 21st century, we face many challenges : climate issues, social inequalities, inevitable negative growth. As citizens, we must all, in our own way, put our shoulder to the wheel.

We have been in the design business for over 25 years. Our practice is evolving and we have an ethical responsibility to help society. How can the designer position himself in the face of these many challenges ? How can we help those around us and do good ?
We have decided to continue our professional commitment to service design. A more humane practice that allows us to align our inner social values.

Let’s make something big.

At Pollinis, we work with you to design services and experiences that make life more attractive for you and your users.
How can you make sure that your service can take into account the real needs of your users while mobilizing your employees and your organization ?
We hear that nothing will ever be the same again. What will become of this new reality? We are here to help you reach the hearts of your users by creating new services focused on their needs and to help you imagine your future as an organization.
We are creative and bold. Together, we will create the world of tomorrow. Let’s move towards a better future by putting in place services to improve the human conditions.
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Let’s make something big.


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Pollinis is a service design firm.
We promote social innovation by helping organizations improve the users experience.

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